Extra Life: “Play Games. Heal Kids.”

Extra Life has raised over 2 million dollars in the four years since it’s inception.  In support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, gamers have banded together to make a difference. Individuals can gather their friends, family members to participate in gaming tournaments and raise money for charity! This year, Extra Life’s 24-hour marathon will begin […]

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Planters Has An Amazing Sustainability Mission

One year ago this month in New York City, Planters, the snack food company, celebrated the opening of the New York City Planters Grove. The New York City grove was just one part of a nationwide project to build community and promote sustainability in 2011. The snack food company says that, ”As farmers, we consider […]

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Philanthropy: Available at a Store Near You

For a long time, causes and capitalism ran on parallel yet separate tracks: philanthropists and entrepreneurs alike worked endlessly in order to gain attention and support from the public. Companies sought profit while charities sought aid. Today more consumers are seeking products, services, and retailers that use their influence and their means to support a […]