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Extra Life is in its fourth year of operation. What is it, exactly? Well, in support of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, gamers have banded together to make a difference. What do they do? Play games, of course!

By gathering together friends, family, and any other possible supporters, they gain sponsorships for their play. They pledge to stay up for 24 hours playing video games—and the goal is to be sponsored for every single one of those hours. Extra Life asks gamers to try and find at least four people who will pledge $1 (or more) per hour, which would bring in at least $96.

In the four years since it began, Extra Life has raised over 2 million dollars. This year, the 24-hour marathon will begin at 8:00 AM on October 20th. Of course, those participating can also choose a different start date and time if their schedule conflicts.

One of the greatest things about this program is that it allows people to raise money for the cause straight from home doing something they love. They can play any game on any platform, and can even play with friends who have (or haven’t) donated to the cause. It’s interactive and it’s fun.

Registration is free, though Free Life does offer the option of a $15 Platinum option, which enters you to win prizes and other goodies, as well as a free Extra Life T-shirt if you raise over $200. All funds raised go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital of choice—which means those who participate are directly impacting local children and organizations.

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