Marie-Josee Kravis

Marie-Josee Kravis
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Marie-Josee Kravis is a well-known and respected economist and philanthropist from Montreal, Quebec. She is a former member of the Bilateral Dispute Settlement Board and Quebec’s Committee of Financial Institution. In 1978, she co-authored “Canada HAS a Future,” “Quebec 1985,” and “Western European Adjustment to Structural Economic Problems.” She’s also had experience contributing to major publications like the National Post and hosted a weekly television show on economics in the 1980s.

Besides being an informed and influential economist, Marie-Josee Kravis is also involved in a number of corporate boards, such as Ford Motor Co. and Viviendi Universal and Interactive Corporation. She’s also been involved with The Hudson Institute for nearly forty years, participating in economic studies in countries around the world.

But Marie-Josee Kravis is not just involved in the business world; she’s also a majorly philanthropic woman who has a particular appreciation for the fashion and the arts. She is currently the President of the Museum of Modern Art—a position she reached after serving on several other boards within the museum. Entailed in her position is the responsibility to keep MoMA up to date and ahead of the game for modern art.

She and her husband, Henry Kravis, have also contributed significantly to the Robin Hood Foundation, the New York City Ballet, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, the Metropolitan Opera, the Hermitage Collection at Somerset House, and others.

As if her philanthropic efforts weren’t already enough, in 2011 the Marie-Josee Kravis Prize for New Music at the New York Philharmonic was introduced. The prize is worth $200,000 plus commission at the Philharmonic, and is given bi-annually. Marie-Josee Kravis has proven to be extremely dedicated to giving back to the community and arts, and as a woman who is at the height of her career she’s bound to keep the ball rolling for some time to come.

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