Athletes for Hope

Athletes for Hope
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There are so many athletes out there that are just known for their physical talent, but not for their philanthropy. One network of athletes that has been an dedicated to philanthropy is the nonprofit organization, Athletes for Hope.

Athletes for Hope was established “to educate, encourage and assist athletes in their efforts to contribute to community and charitable causes, to increase public awareness of those efforts, and to inspire others to do the same,” according to its mission statement. The organization emerged in 2007 after a group of elite athletes realized that they needed a platform to connect others in their field to make a difference in the world. Through the efforts of founders such as Tony Hawk, Mia Hamm, Andre Agassi, and Muhammad Ali, Athletes for Hope quickly became a passionate coalition of people who wanted to eliminate social and economic barriers, unite athletes, and create change.

According to ABC News, “Individually these [founding] athletes have raised more than $500 million to aid at-risk kids, build schools, help the sick and provide homes and safe places for children to play,” but donating money isn’t necessary the primary goal of Athletes for Hope. Rather, the elite sportsmen and women who founded the group, and its growing community of athletes, want to show the power of donating one’s time to change the world in a very hands-on way. Athletes for Hope organizes events, campaigns, educational retreats and more to demonstrate the value of giving one’s time to a worthy cause. By combining forces, the organization’s founders work to encourage their peers and athletes of all levels and backgrounds to get involved with charitable work. Athletes for Hope seeks to create leaders in sports fields by fostering a love of education and community service.

“The athletic spirit is a powerful thing,” Athletes for Hope explains. “Whether they’re professional or amateur, young or old, all athletes have an innate desire to push the limits. They strive to achieve their full potential, elevate their sport and inspire others.” Indeed, the organization’s commitment to education, leadership, and showing the power of community service and philanthropy is incredibly inspiring.

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