Jerome Chazen

Jerome Chazen is best known as the chairman of Chazen Capital Partners and co-founder of Liz-Claiborne, but he is also responsible for donating millions of dollars to education. Chazen recognized the need for a new kind of leader in business, so he established the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of Interntional Business at the prestigious Columbia University. Within the business school there are several programs designed to enhance students’ knowledge of cross-cultural issues: language programs and international study tours create connections across the globe that help forge pathways for future markets.

Without Jerome Chazen’s generosity of over 10 million dollars, these opportunities would not exist today. Thanks to Jerome Chazen, programs like the Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Latin America (which helps Latin American entrepreneurs begin thriving businesses that stimulate the economy) are changing the business landscape on an international level.

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