Richard E. Salomon

Richard E. Salomon has forged a career in finance. As an advisor to the Rockefellers for over twenty years he revealed a business savvy which he now applies toward philanthropic pursuits. Salomon has used his skills to better serve The Museum of Modern Art, The New York Public Library, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

As a trustee at the Museum of Modern Art he has participated in their annual fundraiser for years. Richard Salomon’s support of the New York Public Library has been demonstrated in many ways: he funded a reading room, and he has used his financial knowledge on the Library’s Planning and Resources Committee. As a trustee on The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s board of directors, Richard Salomon seeks to fund nonprofits that assist scientific, economic, and technological institutions.

In addition to working with nonprofit organizations, Richard Salomon’s family created the Richard Salomon Family Foundation Inc., which donates to worthy charities.

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