Kai Buehler

Kai Buehler
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Kai Buehler is a serial entrepreneur.  The German native holds a Ph. D. in Economics, and has spent most of the last 15 years launching companies.  After selling three separate ventures to larger companies, Kai Buehler has returned to the startup scene with Causora. Only this time it is to promote good causes.  His new site, Causora, rewards users for donating charity with gift cards.  It works by selling 20 dollar vouchers for services, which are mainly spa and salon related right now.  The money is donated to the cause chosen by the vendor, and the services are donated to the user.  Users get all of their money back in services rendered.  Causora launched in March of 2013 and is planning to expand area as well as variety of services that users can buy.  The site has also built a crowdfunindg platforms for nonprofits to run fundraising drives on.

In 2000, Kai co-founded plan_b media, which is now a leading media production and distribution company for mobile media content.  Kai sold plan_b in 2006 to a division of T-mobile, then went on to start an American office for the same division, called Mindmatics USA.  He continued to be a leader in the mobile marketing segment, and started a third company, Watchpoints, in 2009.  Watchpoints created applications to help mobile streaming, and in 2011 it was sold for $3 million.  After that, Kai Buehler raised Angel investment capital from Google and Univision to start Causora.

Causora was created, Kai says, in hopes to help smaller charities that do not have the resources to drum up support from smaller donators.  Kai Buehler is working to create content for Causora and drum up a large user base.  Many nonprofits focus all of their energy on collecting large gifts.  The founder also understands that online charity donations are growing massively, so creating an online community that creates convenience and incentive for users to donate to a good cause is exactly the solution needed.  Currently, the site has over 150 vendors giving their time to support over 100 charities.

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