Partners for New York

Partners for New York
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Partnership for New York City is an organization that strives to advance the local economy by connecting like minded leaders in business. NYC is known for being one of the most prolific hubs for world commerce, finance, and innovation, and it’s the group’s duty to maintain this reputation.

According to the organization’s mission, with help from the Partnership Fund for New York City, the Partnership “contributes directly to projects that create jobs, improve economically distressed communities and stimulate new business creation,” working to constantly improve the NYC economy by implementing a business-oriented angle. The Partnership for New York City is a “nonprofit membership organization comprised of a select group of two hundred CEOs” from the city’s most notable corporate, investment, and entrepreneurial firms. This network of business leaders – the “Partners” – work closely with the local government and nonprofit sector to improve the economy of New York City for all people.

Though the staggering two hundred members of Partnership for New York City may seem like the formation of a small army, it’s important to consider that these influential business leaders are part of the organization to better the lives of all NYC residents, and not for any profit. The group’s Board of Directors boasts a similarly long list of names, indicating the action that many Partners take regularly to enhance the local economy, and making the Partners for New York City possibly the largest existing network of business-minded philanthropists.

Notable Partners from the Board of Directors include Lazard CEO and Chairman Kenneth M. Jacobs, Lisa S. Sanford of IBM Corporation, Henry Kravis, CEO of Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts &Co., Sherilyn McCoy, CEO of Avon Products Inc., and Founding Chairman David Rockefeller. These are just a handful of names from the Board of Directors, which includes dozens of philanthropic business leaders and visionaries. Some of the organization’s recent accomplishments include the development of a new statewide economic strategy, and creating New York City school reform progress, among many others in recent history.

For more information about Partnership for New York City’s landmark achievements, and to see all participating business leaders, read the PFNYC digital brochure.

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