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9-Year-Old To Run Antarctica Marathon

Antarctica Marathon 2012
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Nikolas Toocheck is one astounding 9-year-old boy. He’s only in the fourth grade, yet Nikolas has competed in over 100 events and ran his first full marathon in Delaware on December 1, 2012. His next stop: Antarctica, of course!

What would push a 9-year-old boy to become such an intense distance runner? He was first inspired by his dad, who started training for the Air Force Reserves a few years ago. Nikolas decided he wanted to train with his dad, who has run many marathons over the years, and now the two run together about five times a week.

A lover of weather—especially the extremes—Nikolas decided he wanted to run a marathon in each of the seven continents. Now that he’s got North America down, he’s moving on to Antarctica and then the other five. He’ll be the youngest person to ever attempt the White Continent Marathon in Antarctica, and if he succeeds in all seven continents, he’ll be the youngest person to ever do that as well.

But it’s not all fun and games for this kid. He loves running, but he’s also serving a higher purpose: he wants to “make a positive difference in the lives of children his own age.” His grandfather started a nonprofit organization called “Operation Warm,” and so Nikolas has dubbed his own adventure “Running the World for Children.

It will take him about one million steps to complete all seven marathons—and if he raises his goal of a dollar a step, that’s one million dollars that will be donated to Operation Warm to help countless children in need.