Mission Possible

Tom Cruise
IMG: Featureflash/Shutterstock

For whatever reason, people love a train wreck.  When a celebrity loses it and shaves off all her hair or sends alarming tweets out to the world, the press absolutely eats it up.  It may be because of so much sensationalized media coverage that we often glaze over and stop paying attention.  So, when something good happens, it’s barely covered at all.  In order to keep people’s attention, it has to be “the worst thing ever!”

Yet, these good deeds and acts of love ought to be covered.  We need something to restore our faith in humanity due to all the bad.  So, when Tom Cruise turned up in the news, we worried that it would be for all the wrong reasons.  Yes, he’s into Scientology.  Yes, he jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch all those years ago.  Yes, he believes he is qualified to fight aliens in real life.  Hmmm…what was that good news again?

It turns out that Cruise, star of “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible,” can rescue people in the real world too.  On one occasion, he was out on his yacht when he noticed another boat on fire.  Instead of calling the police or paramedics, like a normal person would, he actually sailed over and pulled the drowning boaters out of the water.

In a separate incident, Cruise witnessed a hit-and-run on the road.  This time he did call the paramedics, but he remained by the victim’s side.  He even went to the hospital to make sure she survived and paid the entire $7,000 hospital bill since the woman did not have insurance.

On yet another occasion, Cruise rescued a boy from being crushed by a mob at one of his film premiers.  He lifted him up and pulled him to safety.  Will his heroics never end?

Cruise’s publisher has famously said, “If I ever get in trouble, I hope Tom Cruise is nearby.”