Rock Legends Hold Charity Raffle for Private Concert

Eddie Vedder, lead vocalist of Pearl Jam, is teaming up with Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey, guitarist and lead vocalist (respectively) of The Who, to help raise money for two charities. Using the crowdsourcing website Crowdrise, the musicians are selling raffle tickets for $10 each. The winner gets a private concert featuring Townsend, Daltrey, and Vedder, as well as accommodations in Santa Monica. The concert is scheduled for September 12th, so there’s still plenty of time to buy a raffle ticket. And, like most raffles, more money buys exponentially more chances to win. $10 gets one ticket, while $25 gets three, and $50 gets seven.

Earlier this year, Townsend and Vedder donated autographed guitars, unique recordings, and other items to a charity drive for Teen Cancer America. Teen Cancer America helps cancer patients who are making the transition to adulthood. They work with hospitals across the country to help develop specialized centers for teens and young adults who are dealing with cancer. They work to improve collaboration between pediatric and adult-care specialists, and help to provide spaces for teens where they won’t feel so out of place.

The concert raffle will help support Teen Cancer America, but the proceeds are also going to help Foundation To Be Named Later. Foundation To Be Named Later works to help raise money for other charitable groups, specifically those focused on urban youth and families. The name is a reference to the baseball trade term “player to be named later,” and grew out of a desire to harness the goodwill of Boston Red Sox fans after that team won the World Series Championship. Since 2005, the organization has been working with others to raise money, donating over $6 million to other organizations, and sending over 3,200 kids to Red Sox, Cubs, and Celtics games in Boston and Chicago.