$20 a Month Funds a Girl’s Education for a Year

On Tuesday, we spotlighted Let Girls Learn—an organization launched by the Obamas to increase access to education for disadvantaged girls. Today, we’re showcasing Camfed, an organization supported by Emma Watson and Gloria Steinem. Camfed also supports marginalized girls in their educational pursuits, but perhaps most impressive is the breakdown of what a single donation can fund.

$15 can provide a girl with essential school supplies
$40 can purchase a girl’s school uniform
$240 ($20 a month) can fund a girl’s education for an entire year

Poverty is the number one barrier that prevents young girls from obtaining an education. With over 90% of every dollar donated going directly towards supporting female education, it’s no wonder that Camfed has received numerous recognitions and awards. Past awards include: the Ahimsa Award (2015), the WISE Prize for Education Award (2014), Goldman Sachs-Fortune Global Women Leaders Award (2009), and the Order of the British Empire Award (2006). Camfed was also named the Cambridge University Charity of the Year in 2009.

219,156. That’s the number of girls that Camfed has supported through scholarships. But the impact of their cause extends far beyond that. For example, Camfed reports that an educated girl is three times less likely to become HIV-positive. Statistically, an educated girl will also marry later in life and have fewer children, resulting in a smaller, healthier family. Additionally, an educated girl on averages earns 25% more per year in secondary school. She’ll also reinvest 90% of her total earnings into her family.

In sub-Saharan Africa alone, an estimated 28 million girls are not in school. This makes up over a quarter of the estimated 62 million girls worldwide who aren’t in school. Camfed is tackling the issue head-on by supporting girls who reside in some of sub-Saharan Africa’s poorest, most rural regions. The organization supports 5,306 government partner schools in Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

To donate to Camfed, click here.