Busted: Animal Welfare Charity Caught Misallocating Resources

It’s pretty disgusting when charities misallocate resources, but it does happen from time to time. Such is the case with Capricorn Animal Rescue, a nonprofit organization located in Wales. Capricorn is under investigation after evidence surfaced of animals being neglected and funds being misused.

The news broke after BBC sent a private investigator to look into the alleged animal abuse and misuse of funds. The investigator, disguised as a volunteer, documented the undercover probe with video footage.

“Appalling” doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of conditions these animals were living in. Newspapers soaked in cat urine lay on the floor for days. Food and water dishes were being cleaned in water contaminated with fecal matter. Animals were kept in cramped, overcrowded cages. A few kittens, their fur matted in urine, mysteriously went missing. Another cat was found dead in its cage.

And that’s not all. Past volunteers claim that they have irrefutable evidence that charity funds were used to purchase alcohol. Shelia Stewart, founder of Capricorn Animal Rescue, confirmed that the allegation is true.

“A fraudulent account was registered with Makro using the charity’s name to purchase unsuitable items. This is from 2014 until 2015,” Stewart stated. “The charity’s bank’s fraud department has this on file. It is being investigated. Makro are aware of this and are helping us find who has perpetrated this fraud.”

Unfortunately, when funds are misused like this, it’s the animals that suffer the most. Mike Jessop, a veterinarian and animal welfare expert, was upset by what the footage revealed.

“Some of the lack of water is truly concerning—I would be very, very worried about the fact that these animals weren’t having regular access to water and also aren’t being kept clean enough. Those are the key areas that bother me with the footage I’ve seen,” Jessop stated.

It may have taken a while to bring this abuse to light, but now that it’s been exposed, the Charity Commission is now reviewing the case. There is no word yet on whether Capricorn Animal Rescue will be shut down.

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The BBC only showed the tip of the iceberg.. the place is actually much much worse than people saw on TV.
I’ve rescued 2 dogs from there myself & would urge people to stop taking animals there but continue to provide food & bedding etc.. definitely no cash though. Only then when it starts to dry up will that place cease to function.
Something needs to be done quicker than it is at present – animals are still dying & suffering in their ‘care’ .

This is by no means an isolated case. Dorney Animal Sanctuary, AA Dog Rescue, Wonkey Pets Rescue, and so the list goes on. I stayed on site at Wonky Pets Rescue for four months, I helped out repairing fences and extending one of the paddocks, and had to keep my opinions to my self over the way the animals where being treated. I witnessed one insident where a pony was dumped out on a near by by-pass to save costs, this pony was killed by a motor cyclist who fortunately wasn’t killed him self. After I had done all the work required Bernadete Calladine the proprietor asked me to leave and her and her assistant Fiona Johnson stole my own dog from the caravan they put me up in while I was at the council offices arranging emergancy accommodation. I have compiled a full writen report with photo evidence as well as many third party accounts on what goes on at this animal concentration camp, RSPCA as well as Defra have recieved copies but every one just looks the other way

Thanks for actively engaging in our post, Steve. We will look into the other organizations that you mentioned and publish any findings that we come across.

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