Eagles Singer-Songwriter Joe Walsh Launches New Charity

Joe Walsh, who played in the 1970s hit band the Eagles, has created a new charity that will benefit U.S. military veterans.

The charity, called VetsAid, will fund organizations that provide physical, mental, and emotional care to service members and their families. Giving veterans the support they need is an issue that hits close to home for Walsh; the singer-songwriter’s father was a flight instructor who died while on active duty in Okinawa, Japan.

“War is hell for everyone involved,” Walsh stated. “I lost my father when I was a baby, before I could even make a memory of him. I stopped counting the number of friends I lost in the Vietnam War or that came home forever scarred mentally or physically or both.”

In order to raise money for the charity, the talented musician will host a benefit concert in which he will play alongside Keith Urban, Gary Clark Jr. and the Zac Brown Band. Additional musicians will be announced at a later date, with a special closing performance from a mystery guest. The concert will take place on September 20 at EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, VA. Tickets will go on sale tomorrow.

“I had to do something and seeing as though rock and roll seems to be what I do best, it’s also the least I could do for those who have served and continue to serve our country,” Walsh remarked. “We’re all in this together as Americans and seems to me lately that people are forgetting that. I asked my buddies Zac, Gary, and Keith to step up and I’m so grateful that they did. Let’s put on a show, raise some money and celebrate our vets… and let’s do it every year!”

Way to go, Joe Walsh! Keep up the good work! You make our country proud.