Philadelphia Eagles Star Nick Foles Donates Proceeds From New Book

The past two years have seen a great deal of charitable efforts from Philadelphia Eagles players. Chris Long donated his entire 2017 game payout to help hurricane victims. Quarterback Carson Wentz organized a charity game to address hunger in Philadelphia. And now Nick Foles, member of the Eagles’ offensive line that won Superbowl LII, is donating the entire proceeds of his book.

Foles’s book, “Believe it: My Journey of Success,” was released on June 26, 2018. A few days later, Amazon was ranking it as #25 in all book sales, and #1 in sports books and sports biographies. On a rapid-fire book tour throughout the east coast, Foles is expected to sign over 15,000 copies of his book for fans.

“I really enjoyed the process, you’re reliving every detail and I wanted to be honest. I wanted this book to be special. Some day Lily is going to read it,” said Foles about the writing process, which he shared with co-author Joshua Cooley. Lily is Foles’s daughter, age one.

Foles and his wife Tori will donate the entire proceeds of the book sales to an organization seeking treatments and a cure for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a condition causing dangerously low blood pressure when a person rises from a prone position. Tori is a POTS patient, and the book includes a chapter on their struggle with the disorder.

In a media meeting before one of his book signings, Foles spoke about what he wanted people to take away from reading his book, which is that they are not alone with their struggles or failures, and all are an opportunity to grow.

“I hope I am always open to growing,” he said. Foles is returning to the Philly Eagles for the 2018 season, and is tentatively committed to them for 2019 as well.

Early reviews praise the book for its frank spirituality and Christian messages.