NYCHA and the NYCHA Board

New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is responsible for about a half-million people in New York City. Its housing developments span across all five boroughs in the city, providing affordable, quality apartments all over NYC. But unlike many landlords, NYCHA has proven that it really does care about its residents, an honorable feat with so many residents to provide for.


NYCHA, and the NYCHA board, strive to not only provide housing, but to also enrich its residents’ lives with educational and community programs, as well as employment opportunities and health services. In particular, NYCHA’s aim is to be informative and helpful residents of any age, assisting them in gaining valuable knowledge, skills, self- respect, and confidence. It offers a variety of programs to help residents of all interests, ages, and skill levels succeed and have fun while doing so.


During and after Superstorm Sandy, NYCHA stepped up to the plate, keeping residents constantly apprised of the situation. It provided residents with information about food and water distributions, shelter locations, medical stations, and more. NYCHA’s Twitter also interacts regularly with residents and keeps a stream of valuable updates at all times.


NYCHA is also working to become as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, while at the same time improving the lives of its residents. It has come out with the new Green NYCHA initiatives, making an active effort to become more energy efficient by providing “Green Guides” to residents and revamping their buildings’ infrastructures. They’ve also partnered with companies like Planters to open up gardens and green spaces like the Planters Grove for residents to enjoy.


NYCHA’s mission seems to be more than just providing housing to New Yorkers; it’s providing them with life opportunities that no everyday landlord would provide, and there’s honor in that. They’ve really raised the bar for themselves, providing services for the good of their communities every day.

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