Earle I. Mack

earle i. mack
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Earle I. Mack is one man who believes in charitable giving and the importance of philanthropy. And he’s one man who has certainly made a difference in the world. Throughout his life, Mack has worked as a public servant, a businessman, a philanthropist, a supporter of the arts, and an advocate for Thoroughbred horses.

A graduate of Drexel University and Fordham School of Law, Mack has a long history of service. Mack has been on or led the boards of several arts and education institutions, including the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Ballet, the Dance Theater of Harlem, and the New York Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement.

When the devastating 2010 earthquake hit Haiti, Earle I. Mack was one of the quickest to respond, generously funding and arranging several missions to the stricken island. One mission leader said Mack’s response was “above and beyond,” and praised his charitable efforts in a time of need. “He’s just terrific… Had it not been for Earle Mack, our team would not have been down there—as simple as that,” he said.

When the fiscal cliff agreement threatened to limit charitable contributions deductions, Earle I. Mack stepped up to argue on their behalf. Publishing a powerful article and appearing on CNN’s Situation Room, Mack made the case for leaving charitable deductions alone, citing the devastating effect that limiting them would have on charities everywhere. And it seems Mack’s voice was heard, as the eventual fiscal agreement didn’t put charitable deductions on the cutting block after all.

Today, Earle I. Mack is an avid supporter of the humane and safe treatment of Thoroughbred horses during and after their racing careers. He is a breeder and trader, as well as a newly elected member of The Jockey Club’s Board of Directors. His work has been particularly effective in regards to his contributions to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and his advocacy for fair and transparent horse trading legislation.

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