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Viral Videos Actually Can Help Raise Money for Charity

Internet videos, memes, and other content that goes “viral” is ephemeral: those hits fade, and the fickle denizens of the Internet move on to something else. Sometimes such viral hits are just fluff, but sometimes they have more heft to them. In either case, they can get annoying, especially to people subjected to the constant […]


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Where Did The Money Go?

Unless you were living under a rock last summer, you’ve probably heard of the virally popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The very first instance of the Ice Bucket Challenge is hard to pinpoint, though it certainly started receiving major media attention in the U.S. towards the end of June 2014, when hosts on the Golf […]


How Much Impact did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Really Have?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the biggest and most visible charitable campaigns to take over social media this summer, but how much of an impact did the challenge really have? According to the ALS Association, the impact of the Ice Bucket Challenge was massive to say the least. Reportedly, donations to the […]