Get Fit for Charity: Apps that Motivate

Getting back into shape is hard, mostly because personal motivation is so fickle. But imagine if another person’s life was dependent on it. That’s the idea behind the latest fitness charity apps. Four apps—Charity Miles, Charity Bets, stickK, and Plus 3 Network—can reward progress by donating money to charity for every fitness milestone reached. Read on to learn more about these healthy giving apps.

Charity Miles

Get ready to burn some serious fat and calories with this app! Charity Miles has a list of sponsors who will donate 25 cents for every mile either walked or run. For bicyclists, it’s 10 cents. Users even have the ability to choose the charity they would like the money to go to. Thus far, Charity Miles has donated over $1.7 million.

Charity Bets

Charity Bets is for those moments when someone says, “I bet that would never happen.” Now, users can put friends and family members to the test by literally betting on their goals. Money is placed on the goal (say $20 for a 5k marathon) and if the user completes the marathon, that $20 will be donated to a charity of their choice.


stickK is revolutionary in that it uses negative incentives to motivate users. Here’s how it works. The user sets a fitness goal and puts money down for that goal. If the user doesn’t meet the goal, that money will then be donated to a charity the user hates. If the user meets their goal, they can do whatever they like with the money, including donating it to a charity of their preference.

Plus 3 Network

Imagine the macro side of donating, as in, huge donations made on behalf of large companies. That’s precisely what Plus 3 Network is focused on, except these generous donations are entirely dependent on the micro side of things. When a company signs up with Plus 3 Network, they’re given a mobile “Clubhouse” that can be used to track participating employees’ physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and other lifestyle factors. The app rewards healthy lifestyle choices by donating money on behalf of the company whenever personal fitness goals are achieved.