Most Charitable Cities of 2018

Fidelity Charitable has just released its 2019 Geography of Giving, an annual report that ranks the most charitable cities in the U.S. The cities are evaluated based on how much they contributed to the following key issue areas: arts and culture, education, environment and animal welfare, health, human services, international affairs, religion, and public society benefit.

“As the nation’s largest grant-maker, we seek to understand the complete landscape of American giving—the priorities, concerns, and values of donors across the country—to create a better-informed donor community,” said Pamela Norley, president of Fidelity Charity. “Last year, Fidelity Charitable’s 200,000 donors generously supported more than a 142,000 nonprofit organizations in every state and across the world, but what we consistently see is how dedicated our donors are to their local communities.”

Below are the winners, broken down by the eight key issue areas:

Arts & Culture

Portland, Oregon jumped five spots to become the titleholder in this domain. The previous winner was Boston.


Bridgeport, Connecticut was awarded number one in education for the second year in a row—quite impressive for a city with an estimated population of only 147,000.

Environment & Animal Welfare

Boston, Massachusetts beat out Providence, Rhode Island as number one in this arena.


Not only was Boston ranked number one for environment and animal welfare, it also proved to be the most generous city when it comes to health-related issues.

Human Services

Cleveland, Ohio climbed three places to become top dog in this sector, unseating previous contenders Boston and Bridgeport.

International Affairs

As the political capitol of the U.S., it’s no surprise that Washington, D.C. was ranked number one in this division.


St. Louis, Missouri held onto its title for the second year in a row.

Public Society Benefit

Miami, Florida was also able to retain its championship title for the second year in a row.


New Report Illustrates Trends in Philanthropy Based Off Gender and Age

Fidelity Charitable has just released a new study on giving trends as it relates to gender and generation. One of the most notable findings is that 72% of Baby Boomer women are satisfied with their charitable giving, compared to just 55% of Millennial women.

“Boomer women, whose age and life experience make them more seasoned givers, report significantly more satisfaction with their giving than Millennials do—suggesting that giving gets better with age,” a statement from the report reads. “Meanwhile, Millennial women, who are still building wealth and discovering their philanthropic purpose, are more impulsive; 71 percent said they give in the moment, compared with 48 percent of Boomers.”

The study also found that Millennial women are more motivated to give from their heart versus their head. Official figures point to 75% of Millennial women giving from a place of empathy versus just 62% of Baby Boomer women. This led researchers to conclude that by and large, Baby Boomer women are more logical when it comes to giving.

But when it comes to differences across gender, the findings show that men are overall more likely to give from a place of logic versus a place of emotion. Only 53% of men said that they are motivated to give from their heart, versus 64% of women. And there’s a similar contrast when it comes to strategic giving.

40% of men said that they are motivated to give “in the moment” versus being more strategic. Compare that to 51% of women who prefer to give in the moment.

But when it comes to seeking advice, the study concluded that women are far more likely to seek counsel from experts while men are more likely to seek guidance from personal contacts. Official figures point to 61% of women who prefer receiving advice from experts compared to just 47% of men.

To read the full report, click here.