Unknown Millionaire Passes Away, Leaves $37 Million to Charity

Few friends of Raymond Suckling knew that he was a millionaire before his death. The retired mechanical engineer lived modestly in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, drove a used car, and liked re-reading dime-store novels from the 1960s. Suckling was a veteran of WWII, and though he rarely let his friends pay for dinner on nights on the […]


Children Read to Cats in Adorable ‘Book Buddies’ Program

An animal shelter in Pennsylvania came up with a creative way to benefit both children and animals. The Animal Rescue League located in Berks County has a Book Buddies program where school-aged children read to cats. Kristi Rodriguez, volunteer coordinator at Animal Rescue League, originally came up with the idea. She credits her son with […]


Woman Dies After Allegedly Trying to Steal From A Clothing Donation Bin

A Pennsylvania woman has died after getting her arm stuck in a clothing donation bin. Police believe that the woman, who has been identified as 56-year-old Judy Permar, was attempting to reach down into the bin to steal items when her arm got caught in the contraption. The incident occurred Sunday, February 6. According to […]