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REDF Helps Ex-Cons Re-enter the Workforce

For formerly incarcerated Americans, returning to “normal” life outside of prison can be a tremendously difficult experience. Ex-cons need time to adjust back into their personal lives, not to mention combat the judgment that comes from potential employers when trying to re-enter the workforce. Reports Trymaine Lee for The Huffington Post, “Of the 7 million […]

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The Power of Social Enterprise

The social enterprise is a shining example of the fusion of social change and business savvy, put to work for a philanthropic purpose. Social enterprises capture the smarts and tactics of the big business world to provide great professional opportunities to those who need them the most. Social enterprises have the potential to deeply impact […]


George Roberts: Founder of the Nonprofit Organization, REDF

George Roberts is not only the co-founder of one of the most prominent private equity giants in the industry, but is also the founder and  Chairman of the board of directors for the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF). REDF is currently led by several full-time staff members, a Board of Directors, and an Advisory Council. Its […]

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George Robert’s REDF: Creating Employment Opportunities

George Roberts founded the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) in order to, “create jobs and employment opportunities for people facing the greatest barriers to work.” By providing “equity-like grants and business assistance” to non-profits, REDF helps create jobs and, therefore, improves California’s employment rates and overall socio-economic well being. REDF aims to keep expanding in order […]