Have a Hart Day Illustrates 21st Century Volunteering

Have a Hart Day is a volunteer initiative started by Hannah Hart, a YouTube star, actor, author, and comedian best known for her web series My Drunk Kitchen. Hart is by no means the first celebrity, of any scale, to start a charitable organization, but Have a Hart Day, often shortened to HAHD, isn’t a […]

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How to Get Your Kids to Volunteer

Raising children with the expectation that they will give back to their communities is important, and not just because you want to give them things to put on their resumes or eventual college applications. Teaching children the value of volunteer work teaches them to value what they have, to appreciate their own lives and find […]

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Millennials Prefer Volunteering to Donation

Millennials, those people who are now between the ages of 18 and 34, tend to get a bad wrap. They are often accused of not working hard enough, or expecting too much out of the opportunities they do have. Some older folk seem to think that all millennials are self-important children, who think they’re important […]