The Milken Institute – Bringing leaders throughout the world together

milken institute
IMG: via The Milken Institute

If ever there was a group that was determined to make the world a better  place, the Milken Institute would be one.  Actively determined to improving lives around the world, they partner with leaders in every possible field and enterprise to advance innovate economic and policy solutions that create jobs and enhance health.  Many of these leaders also speak at events like their Global Conference.  Previous speakers have included President Bill Clinton, George Lucas, Ray McDaniel Moody’s CEO, David Crane (Special Advisor for Jobs and Economic Growth to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger), and Steve Forbes.

The Milken Institute believes that “societies prosper if they have an educated, healthy workforce; open and efficient capital markets’ and effective social institutions.” To read more about them check out our philanthropic profile on the Milken Institute.