Earle I. Mack

earle i mack
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If there was  ever someone who believed in charitable giving just for the sake of giving, it would be Earle I. Mack.  A former ambassador to Finland, Earle I. Mack has spent his life as a philanthropist, a supporter of the arts, and an advocate for Thoroughbred horses.

His philanthropic drive was perhaps clearest when an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, and Earle I Mack found himself struck by how little there was to be done for the people there without proper medical help.  But there wasn’t any medical help to be had.  So Mack personally arranged for two plane-fulls of medical personnel and supplies to be sent to the island to help the survivors.

Earle I. Mack is an avid supporter of the humane and safe treatment of Thoroughbred horses, especially after their racing careers have ended.  To read more about all that Earle I. Mack does for these horses, and the work that he has done throughout the world, read our full profile on him here.