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KKR Global Institute Helps Companies Grow Sustainably

KKR Global Institute Helps Companies Grow Sustainably
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One of the world’s leading investment firms, KKR recently established the KKR Global Institute, led by General David Petraeus, in order to invest funds in emerging markets in the smartest and most productive ways possible.  In recent years, KKR has recognized the importance of growing businesses sustainably, and this will be the cornerstone of the newly founded investing arm of a company that could be a major part of building the global economy.

KKR manages over $78 billion in assets, and can therefore make a huge dent in global economic development.  The firm recognizes its responsibility to ensure that future generations benefit from the decisions it makes today.  Knowing that millions of people depend on returns on investments that KKR manages for retirement or education or even employment, KKR focuses on building long term, sustainable investments that all stakeholders can benefit from.

This is a rare practice in today’s “get rich quick” mentality of Wall Street.  The company participates in the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment, a voluntary framework that lays out how investing should be managed for the greater good.  Members of the firm also helped create the Guidelines on Responsible Investment for the Private Equity Growth Capital Council.

In 2008, KKR introduced a Green Portfolio Program, which has 25 participants managing green portfolios, which measure financial impact toward an environmental cause and measures reduction in carbon emissions.  Last year participating companies collectively reported $644 million in sustainable investments and large emission reductions, landfill aversions and less water use.  The company has a strong set of core values and remains one of the most highly respected investment firms in business.