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John Prendergast Fights For Human Rights in Africa

John Prendergast
IMG: via Enough Project

John Prendergast is, in many ways, the model activist. He has dedicated the past thirty years to advocating for human rights abroad, and his efforts have allotted every organization he has worked with enormous amounts of support from passionate philanthropists. He is an author, human rights campaign leader, an advisor to prominent philanthropists, and a hands-on leader whose vast knowledge about violence in Africa has allotted him great success in his peace-oriented initiatives. In short, he has made an incredible difference.

One of the things that sets Prendergast apart from other activists on the front-lines of human injustice in Africa is the lasting relationships he forges with philanthropic people. The activist and author knows that change cannot be made through the efforts of one person, but that it takes a dedicated coalition of like-minded people to provide significant help to others in need. Throughout his career he has advised celebrities in their own humanitarian work, has sparked philanthropy aimed at worthy causes, and has even coauthored books with famous public figures in order to raise awareness about atrocities taking place abroad.

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