Angelina Jolie: American Actress, Director, and Humanitarian

Angelina Jolie: American Actress, Director, and Humanitarian
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Angelina Jolie is a name familiar to most people in the United States. An award-winning actress, director, screenwriter, and author, Jolie has been in the public limelight after her first Hollywood film, Hackers, was released in 1995. Her subsequent roles in George Wallace and Gia won her serious recognition in the acting world. Known for being just the opposite of a “Hollywood darling,” Jolie possesses a dark elegance reminiscent of her youth, when she struggled with depression and experimented with drugs.

While filming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia in 2001, Jolie for the first time encountered a war-torn country in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. She stated that this experience opened her eyes to the world, and since then she has become known as one of the biggest philanthropists in Hollywood, visiting more than 30 countries on field missions.

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