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Philanthropic People: Matthew Manos and verynice

Very Nice.Young entrepreneur and self-described “neo-philanthropist” Matthew Manos is something of a humanitarian and business rebel. He is dedicated to disrupting current economic models that make it impossible for nonprofits to achieve the greatest social impact, and at only 25 years old, Manos has found enormous success by carving out his own path and remaining dedicated to doing what’s right.

As the founder and creative director of verynice, he employs his original business model to promote pro bono work, and has helped more than 300 businesses and charitable organizations reach their fullest potential. He is a philanthropic visionary, a creative force, and a published author, whose ideas and work have been featured in more than 100 print and online publications, including Forbes, The Guardian, Wired Magazine, and more. Manos was named one of the most relevant, world-changing millennials in The Huffington Post’s 7 Millennials Who Are Too Busy Changing The World To Take Selfies, for his efforts to “create a movement of pro bono services.”

His company, verynice, is a global design and innovation-consulting agency that dedicates more than 50% of its services to free services for non-profit organizations. The firm is most well known for its “radical 50% pro bono business model, and is considered a global leader in the re-invention of small business philanthropy,” its “Impact” description details. One of his books, “be verynice,” is “an open-source business model and informal startup incubator for entrepreneurs and small businesses from around the world that want to learn how to transform their business into hubs for viable and impactful philanthropy,” according to his website. The publication is an extension of the work that verynice does every day, and is the first of a series of resources from Manos and his passionate team. According to The Huffington Post, “Manos believes that the be verynice model can inspire other marketing and design firms to provide pro bono services that will reduce marketing costs for nonprofits,” of the young entrepreneur’s vision for helping nonprofits and charitable foundations create a greater social impact.

The young neo-philanthropist’s overarching goal is to access non-profit agencies and help them realize the power of pro bono work, and so far, his reach has been widespread. Learn more about Manos’ efforts to change the way nonprofits achieve a greater impact at