Good Country Index Reveals Which Countries Are Doing the Most Good

Good Country Index
IMG: via Good Country Index

These days, there are rankings out there for just about everything. Though at times trivial (think biased “best and worst” lists), ranking systems can actually be really beneficial in the world of philanthropy. A new ranking system, the Good Country Index, is a fine resource for anyone who wants to see how countries compare in terms of charity, peace, and other categories.

According to Fast Company’s Ben Schiller, “What’s different about the Good Country Index is that it looks not at conditions or performance within a country, but the effect of that country on the world outside of it.” Good Country Index developer Simon Anholt affirms this sentiment, explaining that the ranking is of what countries “contribute to the ‘global commons,’ and what they take away.” Essentially, it’s a more in-depth, unique way of looking at how different nations give and take.

Anholt also explains, “We’ve given each country a balance-sheet to show at a glace whether it’s a net creditor to mankind, a burden on the planet, or something in between.” The Good Country Index contains various categories including “Science and Technology,” “Culture,” “International Peace and Security,” “Planet and Climate,” Prosperity and Equality,” “Health and Wellbeing,” and “World Order.” The last category pertains to charitable giving, humanitarian work, and cooperation with the United Nations. The rankings in this particular section are particularly interesting.

Which country ranks the highest for World Order? Apparently Germany, with its strong mix of charitable giving and signed UN treaties, comes out on top. Following right behind are Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Malta, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Switzerland to round out the top ten. According to the Good Country Index, the United States rank at number 28 for World Order, although the amount of charitable giving that happens in America is slightly more than in other countries that rank higher overall.

For more insights about the overall good (and not so good) that countries are doing, be sure to visit the Good Country Index.