Sally Young and Charlie Batch Commencement Speakers at EMU

Sally Young, a metro Detroit native and Emmy award-winning producer famous for her work on “Modern Family”, and former NFL player Charlie Batch will be the commencement speakers at Eastern Michigan University at EMU’s Convocation Center on April 26th. Both Young and Batch are EMU alumni.

Young, a ’72 graduate, will be awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree at the ceremony. Batch, a ’97 graduate, will receive an honorary Doctor of Public Service. Batch, who hails from Homestead, Pennsylvania, played for the Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers during his time in the NFL.

However, while Batch is most well known for his NFL career, he is making quite a name for himself as a philanthropist as well.

Batch founded the Best of the Batch Foundation in 1999, a nonprofit organization devoted to “improving the lives of children and families in distressed communities by building character, self-esteem, and appreciation for education.” The Best of the Batch Foundation serves the southwestern area of Pennsylvania. Some programs and events offered by the Best of the Batch Foundation include ruMAD? and Batch-a Toys, among many others.

Batch received the Schramm-McCracken Prize in 2002 for his philanthropic endeavors, including the creation of the Charlie Batch Urban Pumpkin Patch and Gardens.

In 2006, Batch was also presented with the Jerome Bettis Award for Humanity and Community Service because of his work through the Best of the Batch Foundation. This award is offered to a Pittsburgh individual who demonstrates an image that is consistent with the title of the award.

Charlie Batch is one great example of philanthropy at work.