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Apple’s Tim Cook Plans to Give His Fortune to Philanthropic Efforts

Extraordinary people often make the best philanthropists, and that appears to be the case for Tim Cook. Cook, Apple’s CEO, plans to give away his wealth to philanthropic projects. As Apple’s CEO, Cook has accrued hundreds of millions of dollars, the vast majority of which he will donate to others.

Cook was close with Jobs and filled in for him during Jobs’ medical struggles at the end of his life. In October 2011, Cook took over as the CEO of Apple.

According to Fortune, Cook has used his position at Apple as a platform to advocate for issues that are important to him. “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change”, he says.

Cook stands up for his issues, which include stopping the transmission of AIDS, as well as immigration reform and human rights. Cook believes that changing the work has always been more important to Apple than simply making money, and his philanthropic efforts are a clear reflection of this generous mindset.

While Cook plans to put his 10-year-old nephew through college, this is a penny compared to the amount he plans to donate to philanthropic projects. Cook’s fortune is based in Apple stock and measure to roughly $120 million. Additionally, he holds restricted stock that is worth $665 million if fully invested properly.

What Tim Cook is doing is a fine example of philanthropy in its finest form. If the world were full of more Tim Cooks, the world would be a better place.