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Bicyclist Raises Money for Veterans While Riding Kid’s Bike in Tour de France

People take the Tour de France very seriously, and it’s the purview of a certain kind of bicyclist and certain kinds of bicycles. Apparently, the Raleigh Chopper, a kid’s bike, is not the “right kind” of bike, but that’s precisely why Dave Sims rode one in the race this year.

A lot of people were upset to be passed by a guy riding such a bike, and apparently its quite the achievement, but the part of the story that stands out is that, while on the race, he raised nearly £8,500. This was almost twice his goal, and he got that boost after receiving treatment for an Achilles tendon injury while on the race. He still finished, and he says this is the best shape he’s ever been in, and likely ever will be.

The money he raised is going to Help for Heroes, a charitable organization that helps wounded British veterans transition back into civilian life. Founded in 2007, the organization gives grants directly to wounded veterans and their families, and raises money to support other charities that help veterans.

Many soldiers are injured in the line of duty; it’s to be expected during war and is arguably better than being killed in action. However, in both the United Kingdom and the United States, many of those wounded don’t receive the help they need after they return home. Sure, they are treated for their injuries, but those treatments often fall short of what are needed to help someone who lost a limb or two adapt to their new situation and return to civilian life.

That citizens are expected to serve in combat, but then can’t expect to be fairly compensate for their sacrifice is a shame, and that’s on the governments that employ those soldiers. Luckily though, other citizens are kind enough to help those soldiers out when they do come home, and it’s good to know that groups like Help for Heroes exist.