10 Charities to Think Twice About Before Giving Money To

Charity Navigator is a website that ranks charities based on their financial transparency and accountability. Below is a list of ten charities that consistently receive the lowest rating the website has to offer, meaning they perform far below industry standards in a variety of areas.

National Veterans Services Fund: Only one quarter of the organization’s total expenses go towards the services they actually claim to provide. Two thirds of their total expenses go towards fundraising. Charity Navigator ranks them poorly specifically for their financial decisions.

Children’s Charity Fund, Inc.: Only 7% of their money goes towards their programs. Their fundraising efficiency is incredibly poor. They also lack an independent Board of Directors and many other key components to maintaining transparency.

Firefighters Charitable Foundation: This organization also only allows 7% of its expenses to be spent on programs. In addition, they do not release essential financial information to the public.

Wishing Well Foundation USA: In addition to not releasing financial information, they have no conflict of interest policy. For every $1 raised, $.82 was spent by the organization.

The Committee for Missing Children: Only 12% of the expenses are for programs for missing children. Essential financial information is not released.

Shiloh International Ministries: For every dollar earned, $.81 is spent on expenses for the company.

California Police Youth Charities: Do not release audited financials, and they have no conflict of interest policy.

United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association: The program expenses are only 5.5% of the total expenses. They have no independent board of directors.

Police Protective Fund: The program expenses are 8% of the total expenses, with the CEO getting paid 2.57% of the total expenses, which equates to over $120,000.

The Association for Firefighters & Paramedics: Only 2.4% of the total expenses go toward providing the support the association offers. There is no transparency in this organization