News Announces New Video Marketing Campaign

Video updates are the hot trend in social media right now. With Facebook’s new “live” feature being a tremendous success, it’s no wonder that other companies are beginning to capitalize on the newest craze. The latest organization to join the movement is online petition site Although their videos won’t be live-streamed, they will be used to provide up-to-date news on the most popular campaigns. is partnering up with social video creation platform Wochit to produce the daily videos. The goal is to create cost-effective, high-quality videos that can be used to further promote social engagement. The petition site already has an estimated 150 million global users, but the use of short informative films could raise those numbers even higher.

“We’ve been searching for a tool we can use to deliver high quality, highly shareable video content at pace and scale,” said John Coventry, Global Head of Communications at “With Wochit’s tools and content library, we’re able to quickly, easily and effectively tell persuasive stories through video and amplify their impact through social channels. We’re just getting started, but early tests are highly promising and the future for our video content looks incredibly bright.”

Garrett Goodman, Director of Business Development, EMA at Wochit, was equally as excited about the new initiative. “As video becomes an essential part of the way we learn about current events and experience the world around us, having a cost-effective way to produce this content is imperative for organizations whose mission is to drive awareness and catalyze action,” Goodman stated. “We are honored our platform was selected by and look forward to contributing to positive social development.”

The two companies officially entered a contractual agreement following a successful three-week trial experiment. The trial involved testing the impact and reach of videos across the UK, Germany, and Italy. The results indicated that was able to reach a significantly larger audience during this trial period. The new video campaign will now be broadcast to users in Spain, France, Indonesia, and the U.S.