Support for Blind, Visually Impaired, and Dyslexic Students

Learning Ally is a nonprofit that provides educational support for blind, visually impaired, and dyslexic students. Learning Ally was established in 1948 in the New York Public Library and was originally known as Recording for the Blind. The organization produced audio-recorded books for blinded veterans returning from WWII. Nearly 70 years later, and Learning Ally now has the world’s largest anthology of audio-recorded books.

The organization focuses primarily on K-12 education, but they do provide advanced mobile and desktop software for adults and college students. But perhaps most impressive is the organization’s comprehensive approach to alternative modes of learning. Learning Ally provides not only resources for students, but for teachers and parents as well.

For teachers, Learning Ally provides the tools and information needed to identify and understand specific learning disabilities. Learning Ally also has a weekly blog as well as webinars and even a community chat room for educators.

For parents, Learning Ally provides unlimited access to their digital library of over 80,000 audiobooks. Additionally, the organization hosts tons of webinars and events for parents whose children have learning disabilities. There is also an online community that parents can lean on for emotional support and advice.

Recently, Learning Ally has been in the news for the support its received from New England Patriots wide receiver Malcom Mitchell. Mitchell has his own educational foundation that he established called Read with Malcom. He even wrote his own children’s book called The Magician’s Hat. Mitchell recorded the book in his own voice in support of Learning Ally’s educational initiative.

“For me, to be able to record an audiobook that will hopefully encourage kids to read is something I will forever cherish. Hopefully I can always be part of the Learning Ally family!” Malcom exclaimed.

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