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Survivor Winner Donates Entire Win

Survivor Winner Mike Gabler is donating his whole million dollar prize to veterans.

Mike Gabler won the 43rd season of the hit reality show Survivor on Wednesday night. Moments after his win he showed his real quality, announcing that the million dollar prize, every penny of it, would be donated to help veterans in need of mental health care.

“There are people who need that money more,” Gabler told host Jeff Probst. “And I’m going to donate the entire prize — the entire million dollar prize, in my father’s name, Robert Gabler, who was a Green Beret — to veterans in need who are recovering from psychiatric problems, PTSD, and curb the suicide epidemic.”

Gabler, 52, is a heart valve specialist from Texas who auditioned for Survivor because he loved watching the show with his family, and wanted to test himself against it. He’s the second-oldest person to ever win. According to Gabler, he didn’t come into the competition thinking about donating the money.

“But you know, I realized being through this experience, I am rich at home. I have an amazing life at home. I have an amazing family. I have amazing friends. I need to be a better husband, I need to be a better father, I need to be a better brother, I need to be a better son. I’m going to do all those things just like all of us are going to do that when we go home.”

In 2020, over 120 veterans committed suicide per day, approximately 30% more per capita than the average population. PSTD, a culture of toxic self-independence, and poor support for both mental and physical help are the most cited causes. If well-managed, Gabler’s donation will save hundreds of lives.

Gabler has not yet said which charity he will work with, but that will be ironed out.

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