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US Embassy Supports Tobago With Hospital

The US Embassy is donating a $3.5 million field hospital and ambulance to Tobago’s emergency response

In a gesture of enduring partnership, the US Embassy has donated a 40-bed field hospital and an ambulance, valued together at approximately $3.5 million, to the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). The donation is a symbol of the United States’ commitment to supporting the safety and well-being of its friends and partners in Trinidad and Tobago.

US Ambassador Candace Bond, speaking at the handing-over ceremony held at the Shaw Park Cultural Complex, explained that the field hospital is specially designed to provide flexibility and capacity for rapid crisis response and emergency medical care.

These resources are poised to play a crucial role in disaster response, health emergencies, and unforeseen events, ultimately saving lives and alleviating suffering. Bond recognized the dedicated work of Tobago’s first responders and applauded TEMA’s commitment, expertise, and dedication in times of crisis. This donation reaffirms the embassy’s commitment to supporting Tobago’s resilience.

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine, delivering the feature address, provided insights into the field hospital’s capabilities. It comprises four spacious units designed for wards, ICU triage, initial assessment, and advanced medical posts. This facility ensures a comprehensive range of medical services during emergencies.

Augustine expressed gratitude on behalf of the people of Tobago for the generous donation, acknowledging that the training program would enhance the field hospital’s efficiency. The ambulance, he added, would significantly reduce TEMA’s emergency response times across the island, ensuring that those in need receive the right help and transportation to medical facilities promptly.

This valuable contribution has deepened the bonds of friendship between the United States and Tobago and promises to enhance the region’s emergency preparedness and response capabilities.

Trinidad and Tobago, a two-island nation just off the coast of Venezuela, is a high-income economy by the standards of the Caribbean, but they are plagued by health care shortages.