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Ken Griffin Wins 2 Space Tickets, Donates

Ken Griffin won two seats on a Blue Origin spaceflight, and donated them both to New York City teachers. Ken Griffin is the founder and CEO of multinational hedge fund company Citadel. At 53, he’s worth an estimated $19 billion, making him the 45th richest person in the United States. On Monday, he placed the […]

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The Earth Fund Puts $443M to Climate Change

The Earth Fund, Jeff Bezos’s charitable organization, donated nearly half a billion dollars to climate groups this week. Bezos has faced substantial criticism recently from environmental groups for his space tourism efforts. While Blue Origin’s hydrogen-burning rockets are cleaner than SpaceX’s kerosene-fueled ones, at least at the point of launch, they’re still an emissions nightmare, […]

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Bezos Earth Fund Pledges $2B for Environment

The Bezos Earth Fund is promising to pour $2 billion into environmental protection, said founder Jeff Bezos as he spoke to world leaders at the COP26 climate summit on Tuesday, November 2nd. “Nature is beautiful, but it is also fragile,” said Bezos at the conference. “I was reminded of this in July when I went into […]