Musician Donates Album Proceeds to Mental Health America

Brandon Fox is a singer from Chicago. His style is a mix between R&B and pop, with inspiration taken from Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and Stevie Wonder. Fox’s current path was shaped by two parents heavily affected by mental health issues. Both parents struggled with addiction and self-medication, to the point where Fox’s father committed […]


Nonprofit Will Make the Most of Chicago’s Obama Library

The library named after President Obama will be built in the Jackson Park neighborhood of Chicago. It is expected to bring with it some changes to the surrounding neighborhoods. Real estate developers are already circling to buy up land to resell or build on. In response, a number of Chicago organizations have joined forces to form […]

Donation News

Art Institute of Chicago Gets Largest Gift Ever

Great news from the Art Institute of Chicago: it has received the largest philanthropic gift in their history a few weeks ago! According to the Chicago Tribune, a major private contemporary art collection with the value estimated at $400 million is being donated to the Art Institute of Chicago by local philanthropists Stefan Edlis and […]