Rivals GM and Ford Form Partnership in the Name of Charity

General Motors Company and Ford Motor Company have a long, contentious history between them, a rivalry called “the hundred-year” war by some. Founded only 72 miles and five years apart in the Detroit area, the two have battled over profits, market-share, and the American image for over a century. It is this inextricably linked history […]

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Wounded Warrior Project

Last week, the New York Yankees General Manager, Brian Cashman, broke his leg and dislocated his ankle doing a charity parachute jump for the Wounded Warrior Project. And despite being laid up for the next eight weeks, Cashman says he’s glad that the WWP is getting some well-deserved recognition. In observance of that tradition and […]

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GM of Yankees Breaks Leg for Charity

Brian Cashman is the General Manager for the New York Yankees—no small responsibility. The Yankees are the highest paid team in Major League Baseball, and Cashman is the man who decides which multimillion-dollar contracts to offer. It turns out the baseball bigwig is also a charitable sort of man. Last week, Cashman broke his right […]