Lottery Winner Starts Her Own Charity with Winnings

Rachel Lapierre won the lottery in 2013—a one in seven million stroke of luck, netting her C$1,000 a week for the rest of her life. At the time, she was a nurse, a former Miss Quebec, and already a person dedicated to helping those around her. At 20, she ran a modeling school to help […]


Feeling Generous? Here’s Some Tips for Giving

In times like these, it’s easy to want to help and not know how. The news is packed with stories of economic injustice, much of it urgent. A thousand children need legal representation today. Schools in Puerto Rico are closing down. Michigan’s donated water has run out. It’s something different every day, and for most […]


Is Donald Trump a Philanthropist?

A year ago, News Examiner deemed Donald Trump “the least charitable billionaire in the world.” Even Vanity Fair suggested that Trump’s donation claims were a sham. But despite harsh critiques from the press, one thing is certain: Donald Trump has donated to charitable organizations in the past. The question is: does that make him a […]

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The Good Money Project: An Experiment in Kindness

David Gaz and his team at Good Virus are conducting an experiment in kindness. They’re curious to see if people can spread kindness one dollar bill at a time, which is exactly what “The Good Money Project” is all about. Using red ink and a stamp that reads, “THIS MONEY HAS BEEN USED FOR GOOD,” […]