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Beyoncé Donates to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Dressed in a black leotard fitted with white glitter and gems, with a bejeweled headdress and gold-headed cane, Beyoncé’s two-hour performance at Coachella was historic. No other black woman soloist has headlined for the California music festival. Guest appearances in her performance included her sister Solange and her old group-mates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

For this two hours, Time Magazine’s Money estimates that she made between three and four million dollars. It sounds pretty impressive, but believe it or not it’s actually on the low end of what the singer can command for appearances. On her Formation World Tour in 2016, she made approximately $5.2 million per night, and that was while she was pregnant.

Despite having cultivated a reputation for a lifestyle dripping in diamonds, the superstar is paying it forward. Immediately after Coachella, she announced that four schools would be new beneficiaries of her BeyGOOD initiative, which intends to set examples of giving back via empowerment.

Beyoncé founded BeyGOOD in 2013 during the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. It has raised funds for communities in crisis and communities in need of support for the past five years.

Via BeyGOOD, Beyoncé will be giving four $25,000 scholarships to historically black colleges and universities. The recipients will be Xavier University (LA), Wilberforce University (OH), Tuskegee University (AL), and Bethune-Cookman University (FL).

“We salute the rich legacy of historically black colleges and universities,” said Ivy McGregor, director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations at Parkwood Entertainment, where BeyGOOD is managed. “We honor all institutions of higher learning for maintaining culture and creating environments for optimal learning, which expands dreams and the seas of possibilities for students.”

The schools that received the BeyGOOD scholarships will be able to award them to students in the 2018-19 school year, for any of a dozen or so fields of study. Finalists and winners are to be announced in the summer of this year.

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James Patterson Donates Funds to Increase Literacy

James Patterson
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In recent interviews, acclaimed author James Patterson has announced that he will be donating $1 million to independent bookstores throughout the next year. Patterson’s desire to support independent booksellers stems from his aspiration to increase nationwide literacy, with a particular focus on getting children excited about reading. Increasing childhood literacy is something that personally resonates with the author, who spent years trying to get his young son to enjoy reading, knowing that it would impact the quality of his life as he grew older.

This isn’t the first time Patterson has supported literature-based organizations by donating funds out of his own pocket, and it certainly won’t be the last. According to Melanie Grayce West for the Washington Post, the author “is serious about getting kids to read and he’s made it a cornerstone of his philanthropy.” Patterson, who can now add children’s literature to his list of mastered genres, is a book-centric activist who wants others to recognize that the importance of literacy rivals other pressing issues that face children today.

In addition to his promise of donating $1 million to independent bookstores around the country, Patterson hopes to spark an entire campaign that will promote literacy for children. Over the years, the author has been active in this cause by starting academic scholarships and donating millions of dollars to programs that promote education and reading. This year alone Patterson has awarded $1.5 million in scholarships to students earning teaching degrees, the Washington Post reports. He also regularly funds book stipends, and hosts essay competitions that have awarded aspiring teachers and students thousands of dollars. The author pays for all of these programs out-of-pocket.

“For a lot of kids in this country, if they don’t become competent readers, they are going to find it impossible to get through high school,” Patterson has said. Donating funds to independent bookshops is his newest strategy to support and promote nationwide literacy. It’s philanthropists like Patterson who are helping to better the lives of children, which for the author, stems from encouraging a love of reading.