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Beyoncé Donates to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Dressed in a black leotard fitted with white glitter and gems, with a bejeweled headdress and gold-headed cane, Beyoncé’s two-hour performance at Coachella was historic. No other black woman soloist has headlined for the California music festival. Guest appearances in her performance included her sister Solange and her old group-mates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

For this two hours, Time Magazine’s Money estimates that she made between three and four million dollars. It sounds pretty impressive, but believe it or not it’s actually on the low end of what the singer can command for appearances. On her Formation World Tour in 2016, she made approximately $5.2 million per night, and that was while she was pregnant.

Despite having cultivated a reputation for a lifestyle dripping in diamonds, the superstar is paying it forward. Immediately after Coachella, she announced that four schools would be new beneficiaries of her BeyGOOD initiative, which intends to set examples of giving back via empowerment.

Beyoncé founded BeyGOOD in 2013 during the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. It has raised funds for communities in crisis and communities in need of support for the past five years.

Via BeyGOOD, Beyoncé will be giving four $25,000 scholarships to historically black colleges and universities. The recipients will be Xavier University (LA), Wilberforce University (OH), Tuskegee University (AL), and Bethune-Cookman University (FL).

“We salute the rich legacy of historically black colleges and universities,” said Ivy McGregor, director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations at Parkwood Entertainment, where BeyGOOD is managed. “We honor all institutions of higher learning for maintaining culture and creating environments for optimal learning, which expands dreams and the seas of possibilities for students.”

The schools that received the BeyGOOD scholarships will be able to award them to students in the 2018-19 school year, for any of a dozen or so fields of study. Finalists and winners are to be announced in the summer of this year.

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Singer and Philanthropist Katy Perry is One of Forbes’ ‘Most Powerful Celebrities’

Katy Perry
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You might be familiar with American singer Katy Perry for her mark on contemporary pop culture, but did you know that she is also a dedicated philanthropist? The young singer recently made Forbes’ list of the “Most Powerful Celebrities,” for her massive earnings as a musician, and is commended for her ongoing commitment to charity work in addition to entertainment.

As of June 2014, Perry’s estimated yearly earnings fall around $40 million, which is incredibly impressive for a woman who emerged as a powerful force in pop culture a mere 5 years ago. Unlike Beyoncé, who ranks #1 in Forbes’ “Most Powerful Celebrities” roundup and performed a whopping 95 shows last year, Perry keeps a somewhat lower profile despite her immense popularity, and devotes much of her time to humanitarian efforts. An LGBT rights activist, Perry has been involved with efforts such as the It Gets Better Project, and The Trevor Project, the latter which presented her with the Hero Award for her work and activism on behalf of LGBT youth.

Supporting organizations that advocate for youth has been one of Perry’s most notable contributions within the realm of philanthropy. She has donated to charities such as Little Kids Rock, The Children’s Health Fund, the Boys Hope/Girls Hope foundation, and UNICEF, and was officially named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2013.

Perry has used proceeds from record sales to support many causes, especially those that support youth, LGBT causes, hunger, and animal rights. The Humane Society of the United States as well as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals are prominent animal rights organizations she has supported. As an artist herself, Perry is also dedicated to supporting arts and music programs throughout the country. In March of 2014, she joined an A-list group of celebrities in raising $2.4 million for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and previously donated $175,000 worth of music tour proceeds to the Tickets-For-Charity fundraiser.

You can expect that more of Perry’s future endeavors will involve the combination of music and philanthropy. Stay tuned for more about this inspiring young singer and humanitarian.


Who Runs The World? Powerful Female Celebrities

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In Forbes’ roundup of the most powerful, financially successful women on the planet, women in entertainment ruled. “The celebrities on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Powerful Women are the entertainers and tastemakers who are inspiring change and driving conversation,” explains the financial resource for global leaders in business. Happily, its list of The World’s Most Powerful Women was also a list that represented major philanthropists. Here are some of the top givers:

Shakira Mebarak. Shakira has always been really great at staying out of the public eye (and any media drama) despite her massive success as a singer in both America and her native Colombia. The world-renowned performer is also one of the most powerful women on the planet, and is revered for the ways she gives back to others. Shakira has been a huge donor for educational initiatives, including her formation of the Barefoot Foundation and her promise to build new schools in earthquake-devastated Haiti. She has also performed at various benefit concerts and has partnered with many human rights initiatives.

Oprah Winfrey. It probably comes as no surprise that Oprah Winfrey, arguably one of the world’s most influential women EVER, is on yet another of Forbes’ powerful people lists. Oprah is the only African American billionaire in American, and has given much of her fortune away to others. To date, she’s donated $400 million to educational causes and $100 million to her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa. She also gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on her network talk show, and continues to pave the way for philanthropic causes.

Beyoncé Knowles. Another celebrity whose needs no introduction is the formidable Beyoncé Knowles. The independent woman has been at the forefront of women’s empowerment in philanthropy, headlining benefit concerts such as “Chime for Change.” Through social media she has inspired humanitarian efforts, and has donated funds to countless organizations that benefit education, the arts, fighting hunger, and women’s issues. She and the other women featured represent the most powerful forces for education, equality, and the humanities globally.

Is it any coincidence that these powerful women are all known best by only their first names? Learn more about the women that rule the philanthropic world here.

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The Sound of Change Live Charity Concert

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Beyonce, Florence + The Machine, John Legend and more will be performing at “The Sound of Change Live” charity concert in London on June 1st. The concert will help bring global attention to women’s education, health and justice and is being put on by Chime for Change, a nonprofit organization created through Gucci.

“Chime for Change serves to convene, unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world,” reads their website. Gucci is no stranger to promoting women’s empowerment; in the past, they’ve partnered with UNICEF and Kering Corporate Foundation, both organizations that have supported girls and women.

“Our goal is to call for change for girls and women in the loudest voice possible,” Beyonce said after announcing she’d be joining the ranks of performers. “I am excited for us to come together on June 1st to bring the issues of Education, Health and Justice for girls and women to the world stage.”

For those that can’t make the concert in person, it will also be broadcast worldwide. Performances will include Beyonce, Florence + The Machine, John Legend, Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Timbaland, Ellie Goulding, Laura Pausini and HAIM. Selma Hayek Pinault is also taking part in the concert’s promotion.

“There are no innocent bystanders in the information age,” she said. “Technology connects us as never before But that means we also have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to do something about it. We can be defined not just by what we know, but by what we do, and that is the vision behind Chime for Change.”

Ticket sales begin on March 27th and buyers can choose to donate their ticket price to a charity of their choice.