Paul Newman Did Things His Own Way

paul newman
IMG: John Powell via Flickr

There are actors, and there are those who seek to make the world a better place.  Then there was Paul Newman.  Though it is now becoming more popular, Paul Newman was into charity before it became “cool.”

Paul Newman was someone who looked at life as an unfair equation.  He knew that he had been given opportunities that many others would never have.  As such, he devoted himself to “helping offset this imbalance and used his influence to advance many social causes.”

“Cool Hand Luke” had a plan to “give it all away.”  Through the creation of a food empire known as Newman’s Own, he got started in philanthropic ventures which would extend in a ripple effect outward to touch the lives of countless individuals.

Newman went on to found a camp for children with serious illnesses and create the Newman’s Own Foundation.  The Foundation works on a number of charitable causes such as the Farmer Veteran Coalition, Edible Schoolyard NYC, National Alliance for Hispanic Health among many others.

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