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November Charity: All About the Beards

November Charity
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To shave, or not to shave? That is the question—at least in November. As we saunter into this chilly month that’s not quite fall and not quite winter, men everywhere seem compelled to do something with their facial hair in the name of charity (not that we’re complaining).

Somehow, November has turned into a breeding ground for facial-hair related philanthropic endeavors. This month, men are celebrating both No-Shave November and Movember, and some professional athletes are even getting in on the fun.

So, what are these events all about, anyway? Let’s just go down the list, shall we?

No-Shave November is a charity project to raise cancer awareness. The concept revolves around facial hair because hair is something cancer patients often lose when going through chemotherapy. By not shaving for a month, men allow the very thing that is often lost to grow—meanwhile donating money and time usually spent on shaving to cancer prevention, raising awareness, and more.

Movember, which may sound similar to No-Shave November, is actually a separate charity. Rather than working to raise awareness and aid for cancer patients, Movember supports men’s health issues. For the entire month of November, Movember participants grow a moustache—starting from scratch on day 1. Participants are expected to spread awareness wherever they go and are encouraged to throw their own Movember events at the end of the month or attend an official Gala Parté.

If those two events weren’t enough, David Ortiz and Shane Victorino, World Series champions from the Boston Red Sox, have added to the fun by participating in a shave-off hosted by Gillette. A Boston-based company, Gillette donated $100,000 to The One Fund, which is assisting the victims and families of those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred in April. Boston police officer Steve Horgan and Sox fan Michael Grant were also selected to participate in the shave-off.

Check out our profile on Movember here. What do you think about these November charity events? Will you be participating in either No-Shave November of Movember? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!