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The Mustache Movement for Charity is Going Strong

If you’ve noticed your male coworkers or pals sporting mustaches or big beards this month, they might just be growing out their facial hair for charity. Last year, we discussed the growing popularity of the Movember Foundation, an organization “committed to changing the face of men’s health.” Since its 2003 beginnings in Australia, the Movember […]

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November Charity: All About the Beards

To shave, or not to shave? That is the question—at least in November. As we saunter into this chilly month that’s not quite fall and not quite winter, men everywhere seem compelled to do something with their facial hair in the name of charity (not that we’re complaining). Somehow, November has turned into a breeding […]

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Movember: Moustache November

  No-Shave November now falls under a different, more charitable title: Movember. And while it’s entertaining to see how men can transform into Captain Hook, Santa Clause, or Sherlock Holmes for a month of facial hair insanity, it adds another layer of fun to the month. Movember is a spirited charity that raises awareness and […]