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Spooky Nonprofit Profile: Random Acts of Halloween

random acts of halloween

Holidays are a great time to take part in charitable initiatives; there are countless food drives at Thanksgiving, and tons of volunteer opportunities around Christmastime and New Year’s. But what about Halloween? This spooky and fun holiday often gets overlooked in terms of how to give it a philanthropic edge.

New York-based nonprofit Random Acts of Halloween is one organization that decided to make Halloween a much more charitable holiday. Since 2011, Random Acts of Halloween has been raising funds for underserved NYC charities and organizations by throwing an awesome Halloween party called the Hallows Eve Charity Costume Ball. Costumes, dancing, drinks, and charity? This budding nonprofit might have created the most enjoyable way to raise funds for worthy causes in the name of Halloween!

According to the organization’s mission, “We throw an awesome party once a year and donate all of the money we raise to otherwise unsuspecting and underserved New York City based charities and foundations. Our mission is to perform this random acts of kindness every year,” of its annual donations and work to spread kindness. Random Acts of Halloween uses the phrase “Party For Good” as a way to guide its annual event and to get New Yorkers excited about celebrating Halloween for a good cause.

In 2011, Random Acts of Halloween raised $2000 for a single charity, and since then, its fundraising efforts have improved significantly. Last year, the nonprofit raised $10,000 and was able to donate funds to five NYC-based charities. Random Acts of Halloween has supported causes that focus on LGBT issues, domestic violence, youth advocacy, homelessness, and people with disabilities. Tickets are still available for the organization’s 4th annual charity party, which is being held at a secret location in Chelsea. “The Witch’s Ball” might just be its most successful event to date.

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