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4 Ways to Do Good this Halloween

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Halloween is one of those holidays that, in its contemporary application, doesn’t have a lot of meaning. Kids (and kids at heart) dress up, they trick-or-treat, and then they go home. It’s a little spooky, a lot of fun, and over before you know it.

What if this year, we all put a bit more thought into making Halloween a more charitable holiday? This would make it just as much an opportunity to have some fun as it would be to do good for your community. Here are 4 ways to do good this Halloween:

Host a Charitable Monster Mash. Halloween parties are aplenty this time of year, and it’s really easy to turn a holiday bash into a charitable event. Whether you’re organizing a small get together for your young children, or you’re throwing an adult bash, ask guests to bring a canned food item to donate to the local food bank.

Visit hospitalized children. This is something that anyone can do on Halloween to brighten someone’s day. Some hospitals organize internal trick-or-treating events, but the hospitalized children will feel extra special when families, college groups, and other kids come to see them all dressed in costume.

Purchase fair trade candy. Halloween candy starts making an appearance on store shelves as early as August these days; it’s another component of the holiday that a lot of people just don’t put much thought into. This year, educate yourself about where that candy comes from, and if possible, purchase fair trade candy or take part in campaigns like the Fair Trade Your Halloween program.

Organize a costume drive. Whether you’re making a Halloween costume or purchasing one from a store, it’s important to remember that not everyone in your community has access to craft supplies or the funds to obtain a costume. Organize a costume drive at your local school, church, place of work, or even your home! Simply ask families and volunteers to donate old costumes and craft supplies, and invite the community to come and find a new costume or make one on-sight!

How do you plan on doing good this Halloween?

Featured Image: Juushika Redgrave via Flickr CC.