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5 Ways to Help on World Cancer Day

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February 4th was World Cancer Day. For cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and supporters, this day is a source of hope and comfort. It’s a chance to share stories of courage, resilience, and inspiration. And it’s a chance to raise cancer awareness.

“Cancer” is a wide-sweeping word. It can be in just about any part of the body: blood, bone, breast, lungs, skin, organs. It doesn’t discriminate between children and adults, and is deadly in its mission. But research and treatments are improving, and bit by bit we are conquering the disease that has killed millions of people. World Cancer Day is a special day for all those affected by cancer. Here are five organizations who are helping support them:

1.    World Cancer Day: It’s simple. World Cancer Day (the organization) is an advocacy group that seeks to prevent cancer when possible and raise awareness both in the public and political realms.
2.     Stand Up To Cancer: Download the “I Stand Up For” placard from their website today and share pictures to honor those you know who have fought against cancer. Founded in 2008, Stand Up To Cancer has already raised over $80 million for cancer research and awareness campaigns.
3.    American Cancer Society: One of the biggest groups fighting against cancer, ACS has worked on prevention and research of cancer. It also offers support to cancer patients, survivors, and their families.
4.    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: St. Jude’s is a special place for children suffering and recovering from cancer. It is one of the top pediatric cancer hospitals in the country and the only one dedicated solely to children. A true pioneer in treatment and research, St. Jude’s serves nearly 8,000 children per year.
5.    National Breast Cancer Foundation: Breast cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, affecting thousands of women each year. NBCF works to save women’s lives by educating the public about early detection and prevention of breast cancer. It also offers support for women who have been affected by it.


Most Popular Charities

Most Popular Charities
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Looking for a charity to donate to? With literally millions of charities to choose from, the task of finding the one you want to donate to can be a bit daunting. Not all charities were created equal, though, and there are a select few charities that have become more popular than others over the years.

The following 10 charities have had consistently high ratings over the years and have been sought out by huge numbers of people. Determined by Charity Navigator to be the most popular, here’s who makes the list:

  1.  American Red Cross
  2. World Vision
  3. Doctors Without Borders, USA
  4. Invisible Children
  5. American Cancer Society
  6. Save the Children
  7. Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  8. Feed the Children
  9. CARE
  10. Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

Keep in mind that popularity doesn’t necessarily prove value. There are many excellent charities out there that are more efficient than some of those on the list above; they just haven’t garnered as much interest.

Key to choosing a charity to donate to is determining what causes you are also passionate about. And if you’re going to donate money, you should feel like it’s going to a worthy cause; truly believing in the mission of the charity you support will make the process that much more satisfying and worthwhile.

Lastly, keep in mind that there are tons of small charities out there that depend entirely on private contributions. These small charities may be more in need of your donation, which means you have the potential to make a greater impact than you might elsewhere.

Ultimately, donate to the cause you feel will be most worth your while; just pay attention to that charity’s reputation for being efficient with donors’ money and putting it to good use.